Playful Songs

Music can evoke several emotions. From sadness and regret to happy and confident, music has the power to change a mood with a single song. Playful songs evoke fun memories and happiness.


“Syncopated Clock,” Leroy Anderson

Leroy Anderson is an amazing composer. The instrumentations of this song sound just like a syncopated clock. This song is fun to play and to listen to. I played this for a band concert in middle school and the audience loved it! It is a catchy song and is upbeat and entertaining.


“Surfin’ USA,” Beach Boys

This song is one of the most popular Beach Boys songs. It is about being ready to hit the beach during the summer after a long year of hitting the books at school. It has been covered by several other musicians, including the likes of Celtic Thunder. The Beach Boys played this at the National Memorial Day Concert that aired on PBS stations on May 30, 2016 to honor the Vietnam veterans who relied on the Beach Boys’ music to help them through difficult times.


“Doo Wacka Doo,” Celtic Thunder’s Paul Byrom

This song was featured on Celtic Thunder’s “It’s Entertainment” show. It talks about time travelling through old music. The singer found old records that belonged to his grandparents. It is a longing to bring back older music and the stories behind each of the songs. These older melodies are considered old and outdated to many, but there are still some people who hold on to these antique treasures.


“The Clapping Song,” Aaron Carter

This song is a cover of a song from the 1980s. It is a fun, upbeat dance song that can be danced to with friends. It gives instructions for the dance as well as a song that goes along with the dance. The rhyme that is sung throughout the song is funny and playful, providing images that most likely will never happen.


“Let’s Go Fly A Kite,” Mary Poppins Cast

This song is about wanting to flying kites and how freeing it feels. Kite flying is fun and relaxing. The breeze in the kite feels awesome and seeing your kite touch the sky gives such a feeling of accomplishment. Seeing the kite dancing with the breeze is amusing and entertaining.


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