Eric Clapton Releases New Album


Eric Clapton released “I Still Do” on May 20, 2016. Each song, though staying within jazz and blues, has a different feel to it. Clapton puts his spin on songs others have done, and he also includes songs that he has written. The songs on the CD were set out like “sides,” with similar songs being grouped together.

This album is almost like a journey of his life over his life and career, compiling songs that represent his style and his experiences. When combined, they represent a story and a journey. While most of the songs are upbeat, there are a few that are more mellow, such as “I Will Be There.” The various styles and feels along with the different subject matters shows that Clapton is able to portray each song like it was intended, even if he did not write the song.

The production of the album is very well done. The instruments fit well with the vocals without being overbearing. The rhythms of the instruments and the vocals flow nicely together, creating a nice balance. The background vocals are placed well and harmonize nicely with the main vocals.


The CD comes with a reversible. On one side, it has the image that is featured on the album cover. One the reverse, there are pictures of Eric Clapton throughout the years as well as information on those involved in the album and the layout of the songs, displayed on a bulletin board background.

A variety of instruments are used. This helps keep the songs sounding different and unique, even if the style of each song is similar. The various background singers provide this same originality between the songs. Each song has a different texture that is brought about with different balances and uses of vocals and instruments.

Overall, the CD is very well done. The only not-so-great thing is that the CD does not stay completely folded. One side is always sticking up. This is not a major issue, however, and should not discourage anyone from buying the physical album of this CD (it comes with a poster as well).


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