The Monkees Release “Good Times” CD


On May 27, 2016, The Monkees released their latest album, Good Times! It is a mixture of fun and calm, upbeat and relaxed. This CD is the perfect soundtrack of the summer, covering topics from love to the “Birth of an Accidental Hipster.” The tone of the album has a definite summer feel.

The images presented in the lyrics are clear and the story lines are easy to follow. The songs are songs that can be danced to. The feel of the album is a reflection of the Monkees’ other music, but still offers a new perspective. Each song has a different feel to it, showing the talent and versatility of the band.

The lyrics flow naturally. Even in the instances where rhyme is present, the lyrics do not seem to be forced, which can be difficult to pull off. The lyrics put a new twist on clichés as well as stand out with new phrases to say clichés. The love songs, for example, express love in ways that have not been said before.

The production of the album is well done. The instruments never overpower the vocals but can still be heard. The harmonies are easily heard throughout the album, adding flavor to each song without overpowering the melody. Each song has a different instrumentation, making each song unique.

The album comes with stickers that are based off the cover art. The CD book also follows the theme and color scheme presented in the cover and stickers. The design is unique and creative. The color scheme is consistent as well. Red and turquoise make a great color combination, but it is not one that is used frequently.

The album booklet also has lyrics of each song and quotes from other musicians who worked with the Monkees on this album. This offers an unique perspective on the songwriting processes of each song, giving a rare glimpse into the minds of musical geniuses who have been the soundtrack for many generations.



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