Vibe 3-Speed USB Turntable


Vinyls have made a huge comeback in recent years. More and more stores are selling vinyls produced by old and new musicians alike. These items have become a huge collector’s item. While some may just be interested in having vinyls as a part of a collection, many people want to listen to them since vinyls sound different than CDs.  However, many people struggle with finding the perfect turntable to fit their needs.

For those looking for a basic starter turntable, the Vibe 3-Speed USB Turntable is ideal. It is simple to use and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Another special feature is the ability to convert vinyls into MP3 files through a program called Audacity. Instructions on how to install and run this software is included in the instructions.

This turntable is compact but has everything that is needed. The speakers are included, unlike older vinyl players. It can be easily placed in a small space and can project loudly. The instructions are clear, providing pictures when necessary.The only thing not include in the set is a wall port for just listening. These can be purchased separately at your local electronics store. The instructions leave this part out.

This turntable model is one of the most basic models on the market. It is perfect for those just starting out with vinyls and turntables. Between a simple structure and easy-to-follow instructions, figuring out how to make the turntable work is very easy. The price matches the simplicity. It is one of the most inexpensive turntables on the market. It is even better if you can find it on sale!


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