Keith Urban Releases “Ripcord”



Keith Urban’s latest album, “Ripcord,” was released on May 6, 2016. This is Urban’s ninth album. Although every song is country, each song has a different song and instrumentation, adding flavor throughout the album and making each song interesting to listen to.

The songs cover topics cover topics from faith and inspiration to love and friendship. Urban draws from his life experiences and life influences, quoting song lyrics from other musicians. His material has grown and matured over the years, now reading like a diary of his life story.

This album is very well done and well produced. The album holds the listener’s attention because the lyrics are interesting, the topics of each song are different, and the songs have a different feel. It is upbeat and positive, perfect for the whole family to listen to without worrying about mature content.

Urban shows his growth over his career through this album.The different country styles show off his songwriting and playing skills. The instrumentations are diverse and fit nicely with the vocals without being overbearing. There is truly something for everyone on this album. The album will connect with so many people.



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