When difficult times arise, it can be difficult to carry on. Whether a personal crisis or a national or international crisis occurs, real strength is displayed when we rebuild and move on, stronger than before and remembering the past.

-“Love Heals,” Rent cast: It is impossible to move on with something unless you love it and have a support system of love around you. When national or international crises happen, other countries show their love by sending prayers and supplies when needed. Personal crises often call for loved ones surrounding you in support. These acts of love heal.

-“Fight Song,” Rachel Platten: In order to move on, one needs the fight and the will to rebuild after a struggle. When a person or place decides to rebuild after difficulty of some kind, it is because they have the strength and the power to do so. The person or place knows that others will be judgmental, focusing only on weakness and their struggle, but the desire and fight to rebuild is so much stronger.

-“Spread Your Wings,” Queen: This song talks about a young man wanting to do something different with his life, but his current employer has doubts. The man has a desire to make a change and rebuild his life from living in a hotel and working in a bar, but the bar manager does not believe he can do it. Many people face this, but the biggest doubter is the self.

-“Don’t Stop Believing,” Journey: This song tells the story of two people leaving the places that are most familiar and building a new life together. They take a leap of faith and move, not knowing where they are going or what they are doing. Their desire to make a change in their lives is greater than their fear of the unknown. They want to rebuild their lives in a new way.

-“Fast Car,” Tracy Chapman: Some people have to sacrifice their wants and needs to take care of a loved one. This song is one such story. The person had to leave school to take care of her alcoholic father when her mother left. She met someone and they decided to rebuild their lives together by moving to a whole new place to start from scratch. They worked hard in their jobs to make the money they needed.



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