-“With Arms Wide Open,” Creed: This song is one of the most popular Creed songs. It tells about what is going through a man’s mind as he finds out he is going to be a father. It expresses his emotions and thoughts.

-“Open Arms,” Journey: This song is a popular love song. Someone is wanting his/her loved one to be emotionally reattached after experiencing emotional distance, despite being near each other. The singer is willing to change and be more open and available.

-“The Open Chord,” Elton John: This song is a love song. It is about a new love, either romantic or friendship, that has come into the singer’s life. The new person is giving the singer a new perspective on life, taking the focus off the past and putting it on the present.

-“Into the Great Wide Open,” Tom Petty:  This song tells the story of a musician’s career. It starts out with graduating high school and moving to California. Then, the young man meets someone who teaches him guitar. The rest is history and there is no limit to his future.

-“Open Up the Heavens,” Vertical Church Band: This song is a prayer to God to pour His Spirit to us. It is a cry to have Him be present in our lives in a powerful way. We need His love and guidance.



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