Top 5 Doors Songs


The Doors are one of the most famous rock bands of all time. They are great instrumentalists and awesome lyricists. The are iconic to their era of music.

  1. “The End”: This song is about the end of a relationship. It starts off with a soft guitar part and gradually builds into more of a rock song. The song has a minor feel to it, adding a hint of darkness to it when combined with the intense lyrics.
  2. “Light My Fire”: This song is one of the most iconic Doors song. The opening is recognizable to classic rock fans, whether they like the Doors or not. The intro motif is sprinkled throughout the rest of the song, adding a sense of cohesion.
  3. “L.A. Woman”: This song is fun and upbeat. It has a swing feel to it, making it a great dance song. In the middle of the song, the melody changes to what sounds like a minor key, making the song interesting to listen to.
  4. “Riders on the Storm”: This song is also one of their most popular and well-known songs. It is dark yet beautiful. The message behind it is to appreciate the struggles and to love life amidst the struggles.
  5. “Roadhouse Blues”: This song tells the story of someone travelling and what it is like to be on the road for whatever reason. It offers a cohesive feel throughout the song with an instrumental line that stays the same.

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