“What a Wonderful World,” Louis Armstrong

This song marvels at the beauty of the world. It lists what the singer sees and admires the littlest things that make this world a more beautiful place. Remembering these things makes one happier, especially with the darkness that is present in the world.


“Our God is Greater,” Chris Tomlin

This song is about being in awe of everything that God has done. It lists acts that Jesus performed, and since Jesus is God’s son, these acts are attributed back to God’s power. Christians are amazed by these miracle.


“Generation Love,” Jennette McCurdy

Every generation is known for something. Millennials are often looked down on as being lazy, self-centered kids who are too absorbed in technology. This song tells this generation to make a difference in the world so we can be viewed positively.


“A Song for Harry Chapin,” George Donaldson

George Donaldson, a Scottish singer most famous for his time with Celtic Thunder, was heavily influenced by Harry Chapin’s music. This song is an obvious reflection of that love and influence of music on Donaldson’s life.


“Cheerleader,” Omi
This song is about finding an awesome person to be in a relationship with. The person is always there to cheer you on when you feel down and will never leave your side. He/she loves unconditionally and loves only you.





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