Train Releases Their Version of “Led Zeppelin II”


The concept of this album is interesting. A band, typically known for pop music, playing a classic rock band’s music. Not only did they do a couple songs from a couple different bands, they covered an entire album. This is something that does not happen often, if ever.Train has been influenced by Led Zeppelin, so it is only natural that this would be something that they would do.

It is a natural feeling for a person to be wary of buying an album of a pop band covering a rock band, especially if it is for an entire album. However, for this particular album, no such apprehensions unfold.

Pat Monahan, the lead vocalist for Train, does a great job of making his voice go from his typical pop voice to the voice of a rock star. His voice is clear, making the lyrics understandable. He emulates Led Zeppelin very well, hitting every little note perfectly. He sings each song with such passion, as if he wrote these songs himself. It is clear that he loves this music and has been listening to it for years and years.

The instrumentations are different than many Train songs. Electric guitars pierce the instrumentation and drums pound in the background. A bass lays the foundation for each song. Despite the instrumental parts in the background, the vocals are never overpowered. Everything is in balance, which can be difficult to produce, and reproduce, if a band is covering another band

Overall, this album was produced well and was a pleasant surprise. This band has demonstrated an amazing versatility through the years by playing various types of music and covering bands that are beyond what they usually do musically.

One last thing to note about this album is that the proceeds the band receives from the album will be going to Family House San Francisco, a facility that provides temporary housing for families of children who have been hospitalized for illness. More information about this facility can be found at their website.



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