Musicians from various decades have used water in songs in various contexts. From bodies of water to cleansing rain, this topic is widely used.

“Seven Seas of Rhye,” Queen: According to Song Facts, this song is based off a fantasy world, Rhye, that Freddie and his sister came up with. The song fades out with a British song called “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.”

“Perkiomen,” Hall and Oates: This song is about the Perkiomen River. Daryl Hall grew up in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and John Oates hails from North Wales, Pennsylvania, and this river is between these two towns.

“Moonlight Bay,” Al Alberts: This song is a classic love song that has been covered by several artists. It has also appeared on the Nickelodeon show, “Hey Arnold!” It is a tale of falling in love while sailing on a bay.

“Water Under the Bridge,” Adele: This song documents a complicated relationship. There is tension within the relationship, but one person wants to keep it going and not leave their love behind.

“Oceans,” For A Season: This is a song of Christian faith. It is a cry to God to pull us further into His will and a realization that we cannot survive deeper waters without His love and guidance.




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