-“Broken Glass,” Matt Bennet: This song was featured on the children’s show, Victorious. It is a silly song about various things with glass. It is funny and entertaining, but those who like serious songs will not like it.

-“Higher Window,” Josh Groban: This song is one of Groban’s more “soft rock” songs (he is mostly classical). It talks about a relationship that is on the rocks, but the singer believes it can be saved.

-“Glass,” Thompson Square: The video for this song takes place before a wedding. It talks about the history of each person’s love life before this. They are fragile and sensitive from ended relationships, but they are willing to work things through together.

-“Heart of Glass,” Blondie: This is one of Blondie’s most iconic songs. It talks about losing trust after a series of bad relationships. The singer’s heart is said to be glass, ready to break at the next disaster.

-“Castle of Glass,” Linkin Park: This song is about going through a difficult time. It puts words to the feeling of being vulnerable, about to break down at any second due to stress and pain from events going on.


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