Songs of Courage

“Whom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies), ” Chris Tomlin: This song is a song of hope. No matter what, God will protect us and give us strength in our situations. This hope gives us courage to go forward, knowing God is there.

-“Fight Song,” Rachel Platten: This song talks about having the strength and courage to push past a situation and be victorious in life. It is about never giving up, no matter what anyone else says.

-“We Will Be Strong,” Thin Lizzy: This song is about having strength in a situation and talks about going through it with strength and courage. It is upbeat and positive. The voice is one who has been in a situation before, encouraging someone going through it.

-“Move Along,” All-American Rejects: This song is about picking yourself up after you went through a difficult time. It is a song of strength about moving on and about the courage needed to continue.

-“Headstrong,” Ashley Tisdale:  This song is about being courageous in your life choices and not letting anyone change your mind. You have power to choose your life, and it is important to be bold in those choices.


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