Paul Simon Releases “Stranger to Stranger”


On June 3, 2016, Paul Simon released his latest album,  “Stranger to Stranger.” It boasts an eclectic mix of songs, from African-sounding melodies and soul to an instrumental track and more relaxed tunes. His personality shines through each song, with each song telling a story of some aspect of his life.

This album has a wide mix of styles, capitalizing on Simon’s talents and versatility. His career has led him to learn a lot of various things, and he adds these lessons to his music. He covers a variety of subjects, reflecting on things he has seen and experienced in his life. Each song feels like Simon is speaking to the listener, telling about each experience.

Each song has a different feel with various instruments. The songs are produced well, with the main vocals and the instruments in perfect harmony. The instruments are louder at times when Simon is not singing, but they back off when the vocals come in. The levels flow well throughout each song.

The vocals and the instruments portray the feelings of each song. Minor keys go with darker songs and major keys sing with lighter subjects. Each song sets a scene, making the listener feel like they are in a particular time or place. Overall, this album is great and is unlike Simon’s previous music.



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