Turntables and Vinyls: The Past in the Future


Just a few years ago, vinyls and turntables were a thing of the past. Everyone was focused on going digital, in music and in everything. However, a recent trend has brought back the popularity of vinyls and turntables are incorporating new technologies to be both nostalgic and futuristic.

Older turntables were big and bulky. The speakers were a separate entity altogether, making it even bigger. If you had 45s that you wanted to listen to, you had to have a 45 player. These issues are things of the past, with new technologies allowing turntables to be more compact and up-to-date with what users need.

Today’s turntables are more compact and light, even though they are more technological. The speakers are built into the system itself. Many have a feature that allows the user to switch between vinyls and 45s. New turntables also have the option of converting vinyls into MP3 files, allowing users to get a vinyl sound on a digital device.

Stores and musicians alike are capitalizing on this new trend. Musicians are releasing new music digitally, on CD, and on vinyls. Stores are bringing in records, be it new or used. New stores are being created with the intention of selling vinyls and CDs of older bands and new musicians releasing music on vinyls.

While older models of turntables are gone, new models are allowing a new generation of music lovers to experience the pure joy of placing a needle on a record, of hearing the unique sounds of a record, of flipping the record to the B-side once the A-side finishes. Technology is making the past and the future collide into a musical masterpiece. Turntables of the past are being left in the past, with new technologies propelling turntables into the future.


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