Music Movie Review: “Florence Foster Jenkins”

Florence Foster Jenkins is a heartwarming story of a singer who came to fame during World War II. She may not have been the best, but people loved her for her spirit and her dedication to the arts in New York City. She recorded a record that she intended to send to the troops, and ended up performing in Carnegie Hall for the troops and lovers of music.

The story line was a bit confusing at first, but as the movie progressed, things were explained. People who were alive during this time were the most likely to grasp things right off the bat, although viewers of all ages can enjoy the movie.

Meryl Streep, who portrays the main character, did an amazing job. She played the character well. She was witty and fun to watch, but also portrayed the serious scenes appropriately. Streep has the ability to transform into many different characters, and this movie proved to be no different.

Hugh Grant was fun and charming. He was funny yet serious when he needed to be. These transitions show his talent. He and Streep had such an amazing chemistry. They played off each other so well. They are both so talented and can play a wide variety of characters.

Many people know Simon Helberg from his role as Howard on the Big Bang Theory, but in Florence Foster Jenkins, he took on a more serious role. He did a great job of playing a more mature character. He even played piano, which delighted fans who may have been unaware that he could play. Even if he learned for the movie, it seemed like he has played for years.


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