Playlist: Expert


-“Vincent,” Josh Groban: This song, originally recorded and performed by Don McClean, is about Vincent Van Gogh, an expert painter. The song speaks to the singer’s admiration and understanding of the artist who is so often misunderstood. The singer sees what Van Gogh dealt with. His art spoke to the singer in a profound way.

-“Galileo (Someone Like You),” Paul Byrom: This song is a cover. It is a love song that mentions Galileo, an expert scientist and astronomer. The song begins with Galileo falling in love and how having this experience challenged his scientific mind. The song goes into a personal experience that the singer had.

-“Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen: This song is one of Queen’s most complex and popular songs. It is also one of their most covered songs. In the iconic middle section of the song, the lyrics make mention of Galileo, who is an expert scientist and astronomer. This ties to Brian May’s experiences as an astronomer.

-“Bobby Jean,” Bruce Springsteen: While the meaning of the song is ambiguous, many believe it was written about Steven Van Zandt, who was a musician in Springsteen’s E Street Band. At the time the song was written, Van Zandt was preparing the band. He performed in other bands and was also a disc jockey.

-“Grace,” George Donaldson: This song is a cover of an Irish ballad. It talks about Grace Gifford Plunkett, who was a famous artist and cartoonist. She was published in several places and was famous for her work. She was married to her husband for only a few hours because he was executed for taking part in the Easter Rising.

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