“Bad Bad Leroy Brown,” Ryan Kelly: This song is a cover of the famous Jim Croce song. It tells the tale of Leroy Brown, who has a bad reputation, flirting with a married woman. The woman’s husband beats Leroy Brown in a fight.

-“Wild Rover,” High Kings: This song is a popular traditional Irish song. It tells the story of a man who became a rover and is refused credit by his landlady once he returns home. She changes her mind when he presents gold he has earned in his travels.

“Black Velvet Band,” Colm Keegan: This song is a widely-covered Irish song. It is a story about a woman who takes one man’s watch and puts it into the pocket of the other. The man who received the stolen watch is sent to court and is punished, even though it was the woman’s fault.

-“Cotton Eyed Joe,” Dorothy Scarborough: While this song is a popular dance song, it is also a song that is an American folk song. The traditional lyrics tell the story of a man who steal’s another man’s girlfriend.

-“Poor Unfortunate Souls,” Little Mermaid cast: This song from a popular Disney movie is one of darkness. Ursula uses this song to get Ariel to trade her voice for the possibility of becoming temporarily human.

via Daily Prompt: Vice


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