“Fight Song,” Rachel Platten: This song is so fierce and beautiful. It talks about having the courage to not give up, despite the circumstances around you and what people say about you and what you are doing.

“All About That Bass,” Meghan Trainor: This song is about being confident in your own body. So many get bullied for not being a skinny person, but it is important to feel confident, no matter your size. You are more than a number.

“I Won’t Back Down,” Tom Petty: This song is a feel-good song about not giving up, no matter what happens. Life can be tough, but it is important to keep your head up and push through. Things always get better in time.

“We Will Rock You,” Queen: This song is about being better than the rest. It is about knocking the competition out of the way. The song is one of Queen’s most iconic songs and has been covered many times.

“All Day Long,” Keith Harkin: This song discusses a love gone wrong. It talks about one person in a relationship not putting the effort into the relationship. The fiercest line in the song is “Complicated times have passed; I’m sorry, babe, I feel the same for you.”

via Daily Prompt: Fierce


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