-“Hoedown,” Phil Coulter: This song is one of Phil Coulter’s most recognized, most likely due to the fact that it was written by Aaron Copeland. Many musicians and bands have covered it. The song takes the listener to a country-style dance, making the song fun to listen to.

-“Appalachian Roundup,” Celtic Thunder: While many people know Celtic Thunder as a group of guys singing on stage, there are some songs where the background band performs instrumental songs. This one is one of the more upbeat ones. It reminds the listener of being in the country or mountains.

Phantom of the Opera’s “Overture,” Andrew Lloyd Webber: Though many overtures of musicals are just medleys of the songs in a musical or a single act, this overture focuses on “The Phantom of the Opera.” It is a haunting piece, especially for those who have seen the musical live. The piece includes variations on the title track.

-“Scotland the Brave,’ Orlando Pops Orchestra: This song is the most iconic song to play on bagpipes. It is impossible to go anywhere where bagpipes are playing and not hear this song at least once. There are also full bands and orchestras that perform it as well as singers since the song has lyrics.

-“Pomp and Circumstance,” Edward Elgar: Anyone who has been to a graduation or watched a movie or show that had a graduation has heard this song. It is the most played song at graduations, usually being played as the graduates file in to where the ceremony is being held.

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