Review: The Tenors’ “Under One Sky”

The Tenors’ latest CD, “Under One Sky,” is a true masterpiece! “Anchor Me” was a great album, but their new album takes them to the next level. There is a public television concert of this CD, and it is equally as powerful and beautiful, especially when they interact with their family members.

“A New Day’s Begun” is a prayer for a day. It asks God for the strength to make it through whatever is thrown their way. It is like a journal of what is going through their minds as the day begins. The drums make the piece sound like a battle song, the battle being the day. The song sounds minor, which adds a hint of darkness and mystery to the piece, representing the newness of a dawning day.

“Besame Mucho” goes from sounding like jazz, to sounding like an orchestral piece, then back to jazz. This title translates to “Kiss Me Generously,” and the song definitely has a romantic feel to it! It is in a minor key, and it is a song that couples could easily dance to! One verse is in English, while the rest of the song is in Spanish.

“Lean On Me” is a beautiful and powerful rendition of the classic Bill Withers song. The Tenors add their own twists to the song, making it their own. The harmonies are stunning and the changes, especially to the notes in the bridge, are unique and awesome. While there are changes, the sentiment and feel of the original song still ring throughout.

“I Remember You” is catchy and fun with a touch of nostalgia. The singers are remembering a person they loved romantically, longing for her again. The lyrics are sensory, telling a story that the listeners can feel a part of. The listener can smell the jasmine, see the stars, and hear the silence. So many people can relate to this song. The song is upbeat, resembling a happy memory, despite longing for it.

“My Father’s Son” is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It talks about their relationships with their fathers, a few of whom are gone. They remember the times they had together and the lessons they learned from them. Their fathers left an impact on them that will go on with them for the rest of their lives. No matter what, they will always be a son to their fathers, despite the death of a few of their dads.

“Who Wants To Live Forever” is a haunting cover of a Queen song. The intro is really intense and the instruments sound incredible. When I first heard this song, I did not even recognize that it was a cover of Queen’s song, but it is awesome that they have their own interpretation of it. It is very unique and different. The harmonies and the key change reinforced the intensity of the song.

“Angels Calling” is the most emotionally charged song on the album because everyone has someone they have lost. The narrators of the song are those who have died, singing to those they left behind on earth. It is a message to those on earth who have lost someone that they are in heaven and that they are in a better place. They can hear angels calling them to heaven, wondering if those on earth can hear them too.

“Granada” is a Spanish song about a city of the same name. The intro of the song is super intense and the vocals are incredible. The Tenors have turned this standard into their own, and it sounds amazing. The listener gets the feeling that they are in the city, the culture all around them.  The flamenco sound is very strong and the minor sound adds a darkness and power to the song.

“You Are So Beautiful” is so passionate. The duet is incredible. The vocalists are so talented, and the harmonies are chilling, in the best possible way. The song keeps the spirit of the original version, but sounds like it is so much more passionate and rich with the instruments and harmonies. This would be the perfect wedding song!

“Nella Fantasia” has a dreamlike sound to it, making the listener feel like they are on a cloud and the Tenors sounded like angels. The instrumentation is perfect and flows naturally with the song. The harmonies are seamless. This version of the song is one of the best, especially by a group. The words are clearly enunciated.

“Drowning in Love” is the most unique song on the CD. The pop feel is really awesome, and it demonstrates the talent that these vocalists have to be able to sing various styles. The song is relatable and captures the feeling of what it is like to be in love with someone. It can also be related to God’s love being strong and powerful, like an ocean.

“Love Will Never End” is beautiful and stunning. The use of two languages is confusing at times, but it makes the listener pay attention. This song captures the intense feelings that come with passionate love between two people. The vocalists are really passionate, and the harmonies and the key change add to the power of the song.

“Under One Sky” is the title track for the song, and fittingly so. It is powerful and captures what the album is about in just one song. It reminds the listener to dream big and that others who have accomplished big things are within us. The song inspires the listener to achieve great things with their lives, and they have the power to do so.


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