Ashley’s Favorite Blogs

Ashley loves connecting with other bloggers and finding new content. Here are a few of her favorite blogs and sites to follow!

Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound is a music and entertainment news website and blog. They offer news and reviews of the latest albums, films, and current events in the entertainment world.

The Machinery

The Machinery is a literary collection and magazine of works of literature and work from around the world. They collect submissions from writers and artists to publish in their magazine and on their website/blog.

The Undefined Adventures of Auntie Ria

Ashley’s one friend is travelling for a mission trip, so she decided to start a blog to help document what she learns and experiences along the way!

Justin’s Music Party

This blog, much like Musically Reviewed, features playlists, reviews, and other music-related things. It even has a similar color scheme to Musically Reviewed!