Must-Have Christmas Albums

Christmas music makes so many people happy. It really ushers in the joy of the season and puts into words the profound meaning of Christmas. There are Christmas albums that are staples for every Christmas music collection.

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-“Hoedown,” Phil Coulter: This song is one of Phil Coulter’s most recognized, most likely due to the fact that it was written by Aaron Copeland. Many musicians and bands have covered it. The song takes the listener to a country-style dance, making the song fun to listen to.

-“Appalachian Roundup,” Celtic Thunder: While many people know Celtic Thunder as a group of guys singing on stage, there are some songs where the background band performs instrumental songs. This one is one of the more upbeat ones. It reminds the listener of being in the country or mountains.

Phantom of the Opera’s “Overture,” Andrew Lloyd Webber: Though many overtures of musicals are just medleys of the songs in a musical or a single act, this overture focuses on “The Phantom of the Opera.” It is a haunting piece, especially for those who have seen the musical live. The piece includes variations on the title track.

-“Scotland the Brave,’ Orlando Pops Orchestra: This song is the most iconic song to play on bagpipes. It is impossible to go anywhere where bagpipes are playing and not hear this song at least once. There are also full bands and orchestras that perform it as well as singers since the song has lyrics.

-“Pomp and Circumstance,” Edward Elgar: Anyone who has been to a graduation or watched a movie or show that had a graduation has heard this song. It is the most played song at graduations, usually being played as the graduates file in to where the ceremony is being held.

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“Fight Song,” Rachel Platten: This song is so fierce and beautiful. It talks about having the courage to not give up, despite the circumstances around you and what people say about you and what you are doing.

“All About That Bass,” Meghan Trainor: This song is about being confident in your own body. So many get bullied for not being a skinny person, but it is important to feel confident, no matter your size. You are more than a number.

“I Won’t Back Down,” Tom Petty: This song is a feel-good song about not giving up, no matter what happens. Life can be tough, but it is important to keep your head up and push through. Things always get better in time.

“We Will Rock You,” Queen: This song is about being better than the rest. It is about knocking the competition out of the way. The song is one of Queen’s most iconic songs and has been covered many times.

“All Day Long,” Keith Harkin: This song discusses a love gone wrong. It talks about one person in a relationship not putting the effort into the relationship. The fiercest line in the song is “Complicated times have passed; I’m sorry, babe, I feel the same for you.”

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“Bad Bad Leroy Brown,” Ryan Kelly: This song is a cover of the famous Jim Croce song. It tells the tale of Leroy Brown, who has a bad reputation, flirting with a married woman. The woman’s husband beats Leroy Brown in a fight.

-“Wild Rover,” High Kings: This song is a popular traditional Irish song. It tells the story of a man who became a rover and is refused credit by his landlady once he returns home. She changes her mind when he presents gold he has earned in his travels.

“Black Velvet Band,” Colm Keegan: This song is a widely-covered Irish song. It is a story about a woman who takes one man’s watch and puts it into the pocket of the other. The man who received the stolen watch is sent to court and is punished, even though it was the woman’s fault.

-“Cotton Eyed Joe,” Dorothy Scarborough: While this song is a popular dance song, it is also a song that is an American folk song. The traditional lyrics tell the story of a man who steal’s another man’s girlfriend.

-“Poor Unfortunate Souls,” Little Mermaid cast: This song from a popular Disney movie is one of darkness. Ursula uses this song to get Ariel to trade her voice for the possibility of becoming temporarily human.

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Playlist: Expert


-“Vincent,” Josh Groban: This song, originally recorded and performed by Don McClean, is about Vincent Van Gogh, an expert painter. The song speaks to the singer’s admiration and understanding of the artist who is so often misunderstood. The singer sees what Van Gogh dealt with. His art spoke to the singer in a profound way.

-“Galileo (Someone Like You),” Paul Byrom: This song is a cover. It is a love song that mentions Galileo, an expert scientist and astronomer. The song begins with Galileo falling in love and how having this experience challenged his scientific mind. The song goes into a personal experience that the singer had.

-“Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen: This song is one of Queen’s most complex and popular songs. It is also one of their most covered songs. In the iconic middle section of the song, the lyrics make mention of Galileo, who is an expert scientist and astronomer. This ties to Brian May’s experiences as an astronomer.

-“Bobby Jean,” Bruce Springsteen: While the meaning of the song is ambiguous, many believe it was written about Steven Van Zandt, who was a musician in Springsteen’s E Street Band. At the time the song was written, Van Zandt was preparing the band. He performed in other bands and was also a disc jockey.

-“Grace,” George Donaldson: This song is a cover of an Irish ballad. It talks about Grace Gifford Plunkett, who was a famous artist and cartoonist. She was published in several places and was famous for her work. She was married to her husband for only a few hours because he was executed for taking part in the Easter Rising.

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Advice in Songs

-“Princes of the Universe,” Queen: Fly the moon and reach for the stars.”

-“Shoot the Moon,” Jump 5: “Hold on, don’t be in a hurry. Things can move so slowly
when you want to fly.”

-“We Will Be Strong,” Thin Lizzy: “Now’s the time to take a stand.”

-“The Finer Things,” Steve Winwood: “While there is time, let’s go out and feel everything.”

-“Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor: “Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past;
you must fight just to keep them alive.”


Songs of Courage

“Whom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies), ” Chris Tomlin: This song is a song of hope. No matter what, God will protect us and give us strength in our situations. This hope gives us courage to go forward, knowing God is there.

-“Fight Song,” Rachel Platten: This song talks about having the strength and courage to push past a situation and be victorious in life. It is about never giving up, no matter what anyone else says.

-“We Will Be Strong,” Thin Lizzy: This song is about having strength in a situation and talks about going through it with strength and courage. It is upbeat and positive. The voice is one who has been in a situation before, encouraging someone going through it.

-“Move Along,” All-American Rejects: This song is about picking yourself up after you went through a difficult time. It is a song of strength about moving on and about the courage needed to continue.

-“Headstrong,” Ashley Tisdale:  This song is about being courageous in your life choices and not letting anyone change your mind. You have power to choose your life, and it is important to be bold in those choices.